About Us


Hi there! This is Christine Hardy!  I am so passionate about helping you reset your body into the one you love! I learned how to personally reset my body for good and have kept it that way since the age of 20 when I found out that I was menopausal.

That’s right; I was a 20 year old with a 50 yr. old body. I was a gymnast; I felt betrayed. Here I was thinking that I was doing everything right, I was exercising like crazy and eating a vegetarian diet which I thought was healthy for me, yet I was overcome by my body breaking down.

It all showed up as; fatigue, my hair was falling out, I was irritable, I had hot flashes and night sweats, I couldn’t focus well, I was dealing with a lot of inflammation and pain, I had digestive issues, cravings, you name it, I had it.

On top of that I went through all of the emotions of denial, anger, frustration, overwhelm, that whole cloud of “how is this happening,” I was in total shock and disbelief. My body had quickly turned from my best friend to acting like a rebellious child.

It wasn’t until I sought the help of a Nutritionist that my health turned around. I did a total body reset protocol that also included getting my hormones balanced and learning what foods, genetically, were right for my body, instead of continuing to guess. It was empowering, it was exciting and it proved that I could feel at home in my body and get the results I wanted and quickly.

Since then, I have been helping thousands of women for the past 15 years, I have been helping women get answers and navigate the confusing health world by developing a reset program that is genetically unique to you. It pinpoints the crucial aspects of health that need to be in tip top shape in order for the ultimate reset to take place for life.

If you are a women who finds herself in a frustrating cycle of being 10-40lbs (or more), overweight, lacking in energy, unable to zip that hot dress and feeling hopeless, this is your last stop. If this is you then, you’ve tried everything, been to every doctor, have done all of the diets, aren’t getting answers, and are even more overwhelmed with how to take care of your body as it ages than ever before.

Sadly a piece of you has given up, but there is another piece that is still hopeful that you can truly get your body back to optimal shape for good.

Christine Hardy is the founder of Intun Health Center and The Ultimate Body Reset Program. She is sought after keynote speaker, a two time published author, holds a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and is a Certified Metabolic Typing Practitioner. **Metabolic Typing is century old method that discovers what foods and nutrients are right for an individual, genetically, within every food group.

For the past 15 years, Christine has helped women entrepreneurs to; regain their energy, fit into that HOT dress, and finally feel at home in their body again.

Last year she released her first book, Unlock Your Victory Code, The Key to Hope, Perseverance and Triumph. Her second book, The Inspired Life was released this year.