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I’m SO excited and happy to introduce a new innovative program that creates vitamins customized just for you and YOUR body!

Everyone has their own unique thumb print and genetic makeup and now there is an answer for exactly what vitamins YOUR body needs!!

A genetically customized health program will give you answers to:

— What foods to eat and which to stay away from

— Which types of exercise are BEST for your body (hint: not everyone needs high cardio)

— Why most vitamins on the market are NOT good for you and how to figure out which you should be taking to give you more ENERGY, STAMINA, and overall Better Wellbeing.

This scientific program and testing could be the best thing you do this year for improving your health.

Sign up below for all the dates and times for the virtual and in person events on this topic and I’ll be in touch! – Christine

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The Ultimate Body Reset

Join Us! Connect with other fun and fabulous ladies like you at The Ultimate Body Reset Ladies Night meet-up events.

The Ultimate Body Reset Meet-Up– Connect with amazing women while you finally get answers!

• Get to the bottom of why you’re not feeling like yourself anymore
• Get the body back that you recognize and love!
• The world of hormones-what is right for you?
• What tests women over 35 need to take to optimize their metabolism.
• Discuss all of this and how that matters in your life in the next 20-30 years.
• Get new awareness around what you’re eating. For example, not all healthy food is healthy
for everyone. Did you know that broccoli could be making you fat?!

Interested in our monthly meetup where you can connect with other fun and fabulous ladies like you at the ultimate body reset ladies night reset events, GREAT! Click Here

*If you can’t make it live, jump on a tele-classes from the comfort of your home. The dates and info are on the same link so you can start resetting your body for good from anywhere!