Metabolic Testing:

Metabolic testing available for Children 8 years and up. First visit: is 2 1/2 hours and you will walk out of the office with an individualized, clear road-map of the foods and nutrients that are specific to your genetic needs.


Follow-up visits:

A follow-up is used to monitor your progress, answer questions, and fine-tune the supplements and/or dosages. In the Metabolic Boost for Life program, follow up appointments are conducted over the phone. The first phone session is a 1/2hr in length, one week after the initial visit.  Thereafter, for the next 90 days, there are 15 minute check in calls every two weeks.


Separate Services:

Live Blood Cell Analysis – 30 minutes. Dark field microscope examination is used to determine vitamin deficiencies (iron, b-vitamins, vitamin C etc), bowel health, digestive disorders, parasites, and allergies.


Endocrine Testing:

Saliva hormone and adrenal testing is available.