“I got the results from my DEXA bone density test and the numbers have improved! No osteopenia indicated and all the numbers were in the normal range!” Thank you!

“I wanted to report that my blood pressure is down from 170/99 to 133/82 already! While I believed in your program from the start, I have to admit I was skeptical about being able to lower my BP so quickly with my stressful life. Well…a skeptic no more, thank you!”

“Just letting you know that I am sooooo pleased with my hormone regime!I have not been flashing in weeks! I have a full blown period about and generally feel like a girl again!!! I am so grateful to have met you and started this program!

“I have more energy and have been feeling great! Not only has my blood pressure come down, but I have already lost those extra 5 lbs so quickly and effortlesly!”

“We both managed to make it through the holidays without gaining any weight which is a first for both of us! D is down 37 pounds and I lost 13 lbs so far. Its the lowest ive been in 8 years!”
~D & D

“Well I have lots of positive news to report; my hair got shinier and bouncier, my skin is softer and more plump and my period came two days early without a single cramp!”