The Ultimate Body Reset

The Ultimate Body Reset


Hello and welcome to The Ultimate Body Reset!

I often hear women say, “I just don’t feel right. Something is off and different about my body now and I have no idea what to do about it! Grrrr!” Because of this their mind constantly repeats,

“I should just give up on trying to get my body back to what it was or could be.”

Symptoms are creeping up that are just scoffed off as old age. In the back of your mind you feel like your life is slowing down, you can’t do the things you used to, you just don’t have the energy.

Let’s face it, us women, 35 and over are not getting the information we need to navigate the changes that start occurring at 35 and beyond. It’s a big guessing game, or adopting what our friend is doing just try something.

The result, we end up overwhelmed, confused and back to square one, over and over again. Blah! Not Anymore!

• Are you feeling that something is off in your body?
• Are you taking vitamins or medications that you don’t know if that are doing anything for you?
• Do you want to know exactly what your body wants and needs to be optimal?

You get those questions answered and more with The Ultimate Body Reset Program. I help women entrepreneurs who find themselves in a frustrating cycle of being 10-40lbs (or more), overweight, lacking in energy, unable to zip that hot dress and feeling hopeless. They’ve tried everything, been to every doctor, have done all of the diets, aren’t getting answers, are even more overwhelmed and a piece of them has given up, but there is another piece that is still hopeful that the can truly get their body back for good.

If you’re ready for an energetic, pain free, long life than you are in the right place!

Know that you CAN reset your body to a healthy, vibrant state. You CAN fit into that hot dress again, lose the weight and regain your energy!

It just takes a simple re-boot if you will, that is customized to YOU. Not all healthy food is healthy for everyone. We are all unique. Once you find out what YOU need specifically to strengthen your metabolism and overall health, you are set for life! No more guessing! I hear from women everyday how liberating this is!

In this program you will start to re-synchronize the main components of metabolism to work with you instead of against you.

You will take the first steps you need to feel at home in your body again. It will become your friend not an entity outside of yourself that you have to “put up with and deal with like rebellious child” You WILL break the relentless cycle of stress and weight gain.

Just some results of The Ultimate Body Reset Program:
• Sustain your energy to live out your purpose and participate fully in life
• Regain your perfect weight and feel sexy in your body again
• Reset your hormones- rid of pre and post-menopausal symptoms naturally.
• Flat belly fat and no more “kimono arms” (extra fat on the arms)
• Confidence
• Inspiration and motivation to do what you’re here to do, now that you have the energy and confidence to do it.
• Customized nutrition for your metabolism
• Get out of pain
• Fun and easy ways to incorporate movement consistently.
And! Upgrade your mindset, overcome obstacles, and gain winning health strategies.

Ultimate Body Reset Details:

One, 2hr Metabolic Typing session: Customized Nutrition- no more guessing what foods are right for your metabolism! Finally know what healthy foods such as broccoli and kale that could be making you tired and overweight. Not all healthy food is healthy for everyone. If you’re eating “healthy” and still frustrated, this step is crucial to figure out.

One, saliva hormone and adrenal test and a complimentary phone consultation to review the results and determine the best protocol.
This test includes an assessment of: Estrogen, Progesterone, DHEA, Testosterone and four cortisol readings.

8 recorded modules with accountability action steps specifically designed to help you reset your metabolism right away:

Intro to program
Happy Hormones, Happy Weight, Happy LIFE!
Part 2 of Module 1- Happy Hormones, Happy Weight, Happy LIFE!
Move More. Be Consistent. Love it
Insulin Reset –Enter Sugar Junky Rehab
Belly Fat Reset
Energy & Pain Reset
Thyroid Reset- Get your metabolism back!

(9) one on one check in’s over the phone (3 per month). Get continued expert advice on how to maximize your results every day!

Both of my books; The Inspired Life, and Unlock Your Victory Code-The Key to Hope, Perseverance and Triumph.

-You’ll be a part of The Ultimate Body Reset Facebook group where you’ll get the encouragement, support and friendship from ladies that are in the program as well!

+Organic meals customized to your Metabolic Type delivered to your home for a week!
People think going organic is expensive, think again! This is actually cheaper! Having a personal chef is actually saving my family $500 a month on my grocery bill!

+ As a gift from me, get 1 month of a personal assistant. Have you always wished there were two of you? Now there will be!

A Note From Christine To You:

This is an investment in your life. This is an investment in you. This is saying I love myself, and it’s time. It’s time to take care of me. I want to be victorious, and the healthier you are, and the quicker that you can recover day in and day out, the more victories you will attain.

I love you, I believe in you. I know that you’re a rock star, and most of all, I have your back because I know that you can do this!

This is your life. And together, we can make it the best one yet!


“It seems like all I did was go to sleep and when I woke up I was 2lbs lighter. I’m waking up with energy, and I’m eliminating better. Is it possible to be feeling different just one day after starting your program!? I am dreaming again! I had stopped dreaming like I used to. Which I miss because it used to be a major source of intuitive information for me, yay!! Plus-No more belly fat!” P.A.

I am feeling like myself again! I’m energized all day, I no longer need a nap! My skin is clearing up! T.T
It’s pretty awesome! I feel 100x better! I have cut out sugar, I’m eating according to my metabolic type, and taking all of the recommended supplements you suggested. As a result, My energy levels are coming back and I have starting running and working out again. My sleep cycle is getting better and I am able to get up early in the morning again. My gums are bleeding less, and I have lost 5 pounds just in a few days! My anxiety is also getting better day by day as well so I have started cycling off of my anxiety medication! Thanks you so much for all of you help! I can’t thank you enough for giving me my life back!! Jon U.

My hot flashes are gone! Im not having to wake up and change during the night from the night sweats and my sex drive is getting better and better. I’m hopeful, I thought I was dead before, but now im coming alive again! Also, sleep has been an issue for me for years. Last night was my first night I slept through the night. It was so strange, but yet wonderful. I had to think about it and realized that I really did sleep all night!!! WOW this hasn’t happened to me in years. Just thought I’d share the exciting news! Thanks for everything! Dawn M